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Shelly May, RMT

In 2008, Shelly completed a registered massage therapy program at The D’Arcy Lane Institute and started her business, (Shelly A. May, RMT,BA) at Peak Performance Chiropractic Clinic.
She uses Swedish Massage Therapy techniques to rehabilitate, prevent injuries, and maintain the health of her clients. Specialized techniques such as soft tissue release and myofascial release are often integrated into her massage therapy treatments.

Determining the primary cause of a client’s symptoms, with an emphasis on posture analysis, is an important goal. Homecare exercises such as strengthening and stretching are also an important part of each treatment.

Shelly began her massage career as an equine massage therapist in 2000 after graduating from D’AL School of Equine Massage Therapy. She credits the knowledge of both equine and human massage therapy for developing her skills as a therapist.

As a competitive middle distance runner, Shelly earned a full scholarship to Georgia State University, graduating with a degree in Psychology. Competing as an athlete under the Saugeen Track and Field Club for over 20 years, she has learned the value of massage therapy in treating and preventing sports injuries.

In her personal time, Shelly enjoys spending time with family, running with her dog and riding her horse.

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