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Dr. Jordan Hotta


Dr. Hotta received his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2019 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto after completing his degree in Medical Sciences (BMSc.) double majoring in physiology and medical cell biology at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Hotta is also a certified provider of Clinical Acupuncture and has completed courses in functional biomechanics. Dr. Hotta is an evidence-based practitioner and his techniques include soft tissue therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, manual and instrument assisted adjusting, cold laser therapy, prehab and rehab exercises, and ergonomic advice. 

During his course of Study at CMCC Dr. Hotta completed his clinical placements at two challenging interdisciplinary clinics; Anishnawbe Health Center and Sherbourne Health Center. During his placements Dr. Hotta managed a wide variety of both acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal cases.

Originally from Sudbury, ON, Dr. Hotta has been a lifelong athlete competing in several sports at the national level including swimming, dragon boat, and canoe marathon. His love for sport, and self-improvement have translated into a practice whereby Dr. Hotta can apply his knowledge towards innovative and proactive approaches to both treat injuries and prevent their recurrence. 

A lifelong learner, Dr. Hotta can typically be found browsing the most recent articles from the world’s top medical and sports medicine journals to stay up to date with best practices, and new approaches. Dr. Hotta also regularly attends continuing education seminars and courses to continually build upon his skillset with respect to musculoskeletal conditions.  

Dr. Hotta, like Dr. Plantz, is an avid proponent of professional collaboration between health care providers. 

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