Dr. Jill Plantz


Dr. Plantz graduated in 2006 from the four year Chiropractic degree program at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto after completing three years of Kinesiology (BA) at the University of Western Ontario.

Originally from Neustadt, Dr. Plantz is familiar with the types of injuries that go along with living in the area; anything from “tractor neck” to shoulder injuries on the ball field and knee injuries on the ice rink.

Her treatment focus is on pain resolution and correction of aberrant body movements in order to reduce the chance of recurrent injuries. She also has a strong interest in family wellness and has completed post-graduate training in pregnancy and pre-natal care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Techniques used by Dr. Plantz include soft tissue therapy, cold laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, stretching and strengthening exercises, ergonomic advice, and manual and instrument-assisted adjusting.

Dr. Plantz feels it is important to work closely with your other healthcare professionals to ensure everyone’s focus is on an optimal treatment plan specific to you.
Dr. Plantz regularly attends continuing education seminars and courses in order to have current research on evidence-informed treatment of injuries, management of conditions and preventative care.